How To Delete Picasa Photos from Samsung Galaxy S5

At whatever point you make or setup Google account with Android gadget, if your Google record is adjusted with your gadget and synchronizing Picasa web collection is empowered, you may have the capacity to see your Picasa photographs on your gadget's Exhibition.

His is straightforward aide on the best way to Erase Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S5. Erase Picasa Collections on Samsung gadgets are verging on same to same yet contrast according to gadget's menu choices.

On the other hand, you can Expel Picasa from Cosmic system s5 gadgets utilizing this modest tip. Essentially go into display app.In the right hand upper corner is the vertical dabs. Press that and a drop screen will open. Pick 'substance to show'. Uncheck Picasa and voila! you won't see Picasa Photographs on your gadgets.

On the off chance that you think by clearing information will erase unique pictures or features from Display, it won't impact it. It won't clear your pictures or features from Exhibition. It just clears the store picture information from your display that was matched up with your Google Picasa Collection.